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From Ethiopian Highlands all the way to your morning cup.

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Well-roasted beans might make a good cup of Joe, Strong relationships make great coffee experience.

Here at Arkibuna, we’re a farm-to-cup kind of coffee roaster. All of our high-quality fresh artisanal coffee beans are imported directly from Ethiopia by Ethiopians. You’ll feel our deep love and passion for coffee in every cup! We are personally connected to the amazing farmers in Ethiopia that harvest our beans and we are passionate to bringing you the freshest from small farm holders straight to your cup!

Coffee Is our language

Coffee is more than just our favorite drink, it’s a way of life for us! Our story begins near Washington D.C, providing our community with high quality Ethiopian  coffee. Slowly we became a local favorite in farmer’s markets and amongst our community so we began selling our signature coffee beans in retailers across D.C, Maryland, Virginia, and now online!


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