Building Strong Relationships

Selam Zekaros began Arkibuna in 2014 with a belief that strong relationships makes great coffee. That is why she wanted to pay farmers in Ethiopia fairly and build decade long relationships for Arkibuna. The experience and wealth of relationships with small farm holders in Ethiopia is what gives us access to the 100% Arabica coffee beans they grow.

Coffee that is

After selling coffee in various farmer’s markets in the D.C area, we began serving the local community out of our coffee truck. We roast our coffee in small batches to preserve the flavor, freshness and complexity of each variety. That way our customers get to enjoy, coffee the way it was always intended to be!


DMV Favorite

Find us at select coffee retailers in the MD, DC and VA, and during the summer months at farmers markets near our headquarters in Alexandria, VA, where we bring you our signature roasts and blends as well as fresh, hot and iced coffee to help give your day an extra kick of flavour.