Sidamo Coffee


Taste Origin Grade

Sweet, Chocolaty, Acidic

Sidamo (Southern Ethiopia)

Grade 1 Coffee

These beans are known for their sweet complexity and floral aroma along with a very muted acidity yet a very full and rich body with tones of chocolate, wine and spice. The aftertaste is soft and bright.

Additional information


Sidamo Coffee from Ethiopia

Sidamo is a large coffee-growing region in southern Ethiopia producing dry and wet-processed coffee beans at a wide range of altitudes. These amazing coffee beans come from the Ethiopian highlands, where the coffee trees grow at an unhurried pace, which allows them to absorb many nutrients and build very distinct flavor profiles from the soil. Since coffee grows best in areas of equal exposure to sun and shade, it’s no surprise that Sidamo has long been home to farmers who manage their prized coffee beans with the utmost care.

Grade 1 Coffee Beans

The highest grade of coffee granted by the Ethiopian government is Grades 1 & 2. Sidamo coffee is one of the finest coffees as it makes the grade almost every-time.

What is wet and dry-processed coffee?

There are two ways to process coffee; Dry processed, (also known as natural processed coffee) and wet-processed (washed) coffee. There is a huge impact on the flavors depending on the process used.


Dried immediately after picking, the beans are processed without removing the cherry, or outer berry. This method retains all of the fruit acidity and oils. This means a more complex cup of coffee with additional earthy and fruity flavors.


Wet processing follows an alternate procedure that removes the cherry from the beans before drying to ensure a cleaner and more consistent flavor.

Rich Sidamo Coffee Taste

Sidamo coffee has a very full and rich-bodied flavor with hints of chocolate, wine, and spice. Its floral aroma, mild acidity, and sweet complexity allow for a soft and bright finish.

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Sidamo is exceptionally heavy bodied and quite sweet.  Sidamo Coffee is a washed (wet-processed) coffee respected for its sweet complexity and floral aroma along with a very muted acidity yet a very full and rich body with tones of chocolate, wine and spice. The aftertaste is soft and bright.


Sidamo is a large coffee growing region in southern Ethiopia producing dry and wet processed coffee beans in a wide range of altitudes ranging from 1200-2100 meters. These beans are graded by the government into different grades from grade1-9.  From which grade 1& 2 are strictly for specialty coffee. The southern nationalities states in southern Ethiopia is home for exceptional coffee beans. This southern Ethiopian regions   are  birthplace of coffee. It is here that the lush, green Sidamo coffee grows.