Yirgacheffe Coffee


Taste Origin Roast
Fruity & Citrus Yirga Chefe (Town in Ethiopia)

Light to Medium

Yirgacheffe coffee beans have a very distinctive fruity and citrus taste. Yirgacheffe beans when roasted light to medium will bring out an exceptional taste that will bring delight to any coffee drinker novice or hardcore.

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What is Yirgacheffe Coffee?

The Yirgacheffe region is located in the southern portion of Ethiopia and produces some of the finest coffees in the world. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans are a high-quality variety of Arabica coffee beans that produce a light-bodied, full-flavored brew.

The Ethiopian coffee industry is perhaps one of the most interesting in the world. It is based on a network of small farmers growing coffee in harmony with their traditional lifestyle. This has resulted in one of the most distinctive and flavorful coffees in the world. Referred to as “garden coffee” Yirgacheffe grows on small plots of land in Ethiopian backyards.


Wonderful Taste

You’re going to want to wake up to Yirgacheffe coffee in your cup! The Yirgacheffe coffee beans have a very distinctive flavor that starts out fruity, with a hint of citrus and ends with a clean finish. Known to have exceptional flavors that are unparalleled when brewed from light to medium, Yirgacheffe is an excellent choice for those who love their coffee smooth with a rich taste.

Our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans are exactly what you’ve been searching for! We have been working directly with the farmers in Ethiopia for decades to build those important bonds and relationships that allow us to bring you the most amazing coffee on the planet!


What are Yirgacheffe Green Coffee Beans?

Green coffee beans are simply unroasted raw coffee beans. These beans make a milder flavored coffee and have earthy undertones. There have been many health-related benefits linked to drinking green coffee as well. Some of the many ways it helps people are weight loss, lowering blood pressure, and improving one’s mood just to name a few perks! Green coffee is also high in antioxidants which contributes to so many amazing health benefits!


The Best Coffee

Coffee is an important part of many people’s lives the world over. Whether you drink it to start your morning or as an afternoon pick-me-up, coffee has the ability to fit itself flawlessly into any part of your day.

When coffee is your language and the way you wish to communicate with the world, it’s important to convey that dialect clearly. For all of us at Arkibuna our passion for the finest Ethiopian coffee speaks volumes. We believe a perfect cup of coffee is a work of art and one of life’s simplest yet most beautifully complex pleasures.

Here at Arkibuna, we’re a farm-to-cup kind of coffee roaster. All of our high-quality fresh artisanal coffee beans are imported directly from Ethiopia by Ethiopians. You’ll feel our deep love and passion for coffee in every cup! While well-roasted beans might make a good cup of Joe, we believe that strong relationships make great coffee.

Saying we are obsessed with great coffee is putting it lightly! Even our name Arkibuna, if you break it down, Arki Buna, translates to satisfying coffee. We roast each coffee variety in small batches to preserve the flavor, freshness, and complex nature of the beans. The result? A cup of finely roasted coffee that’s as rejuvenating, stimulating, and unforgettable as it should be.


Where to buy the most flavorful Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee?

There is no shortage of places to grab our delicious Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee! At our flagship roastery in Alexandria, Virginia, we proudly serve Yirgacheffe along with all our signature blends and single-origin coffees. If you’re in the Maryland, Virginia, or D.C. areas you’ll find all varieties of Arkibuna’s finest coffees at select retailers. It doesn’t stop there! You can also visit our D.C. coffee truck or java jalopy as we like to call it to get your fix!

During the beautiful summer months, you’ll find us at the farmers’ markets in Alexandria, Virginia. So make sure to stop by to experience coffee that’s unlike any cup of joe you’ve ever had! After tasting our coffee, many of our customers often tell us they’ve “been robbed over the years wasting money on Starbucks”

We are on a mission to make sure anyone and everyone that loves coffee as much as we do has the opportunity to try our joe. So if you’re not in our immediate vicinity, have no fear! We sell our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee and so much more on our website!


Buy the Best Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Beans

The best Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans come directly from Ethiopia which provides the ideal climate and elevation for these beautiful beans to grow. Yirgacheffe plants can grow naturally without the interference of any toxic pesticides or herbicides. The beans are then harvested in the late fall to early winter months at their peak. The finest coffee in the world starts and ends with Ethiopia and its amazing farms. For true coffee connoisseurs, and even the novices out there, the prized Yirgacheffe coffee beans are one of the finest around. We offer only the best Yirgacheffe coffee beans no matter where you scoop them up from! So come check out Arkibuna to see all the perks of drinking amazing Ethiopian coffees.


Yirgacheffe coffee beans have a very distinctive fruity and citrus taste. Yirgacheffe beans when roasted light to medium will bring out an exceptional test that will bring delight to any coffee drinker novice or hardcore.


Yirgachefe is one of the woredas in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region of Ethiopia, named after its major town Yirgachefe. Part of the Gedeo Zone, Yirgachefe is bordered on the south by Kochere, on the west by the Oromia Zone, on the north by Wenago, on the east by Bule, and on the southeast by Gedeb. Yirgacheffe coffee beans are grown on high plateaus (1800-2100 meters).  Ethiopia coffees are among the world’s most varied and distinctive, and at least one, Yirgacheffe, ranks among the very finest.


Yirgacheffe and Harar coffee in particular are considered by Ethiopians as “garden coffees,” grown on small plots by villagers using completely traditional methods. Besides some government owned commercial farms. All Ethiopian coffee is grown in a small patch of land on the backyard of these farmers or picked from small patch forest areas owned by this farmers’ cooperative.